Hamburg’s party zones


Party-goers shouldn´t bother going out before 10 pm on Friday nights. When other places are quietening down, Hamburg just is getting going, especially on the Reeperbahn. Here, and in its side streets, is the greatest density of clubs in the city and this is precisely where the new star in Hamburg´s nightlife sky opened 2008 – the glamorous Moondoo. Many clubs such as the Prinzenbar offer an alternating program of dance-floor sounds and live music. The blurred line between bars and clubs is most impressively shown, for example, in the Herzblut St. Pauli Bar with its infinitely variable metamorphoses.

Hottest nightspots

Szenen_C_Moondoo_3563Moondoo Szene_C_GrosseFreiheit_7868Große Freiheit Szene_C_Prinzenbar_9064Prinzenbar