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Bonn theaters

Haus der Springmaus
Springmaus means “kangaroo mouse’’ and this is a nationally known fringe theater with 300 seats in a former historic dance hall. Besides its comedy focus, the venue also hosts concerts and literary events. The theater company regularly stages improvised comedy nights, showing off their quick-witted repartee.
›› Bonn-Endenich, Frongasse 8-10, Tel. 0 228/79 80 81,

Junges Theater Bonn
A very successful children’s and youth theater that has delighted its young and young-at-heart audiences for over 40 years. Productions such as Ronja Räubertochter, Momo and Die kleine Hexe are staged here in great style.
›› Bonn-Beutel, Hermannstr. 50, Tel. 0 228/46 36 72,

The Pantheon is a well-known Bonn venue for satirical comedy. Its performances are described as a “spiritual and moral repurification where a hub of contemporary history in the Bermuda Triangle of Provinz, Wasserwerk and the former German Chancellor’s office daily threaten to go under.’’
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10, Tel. 0 228/2 12 55 21,

Theater Bonn
Bonn´s public theater offers a varied repertoire for its discerning audiences including musical theater such as operas and musicals, drama and dance.
›› Opernhaus/Werkstatt, Zentrum, Am Boeselagerhof 1
›› Kammerspiele, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Am Michaelshof 9
›› Halle Beuel/Alter Malersaal/Lampenlager, Beuel, Siegburger Str. 42
›› Tickets: 0 228/77 80-08/22,

Theater die Pathologie
Despite the word pathology in the name, it’s not about corpses and tissue samples here. Bonn’s most intimate theater with just 25 seats is in the catacombs of the Café Pathos. The program includes contemporary drama, experimental theater and readings on the latest themes.
›› Bonn-Südstadt, Weberstr. 43, Tel. 0 228/22 23 58,


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