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Based on its size alone, the Ruhr Region offers a great variety of (shopping) possibilities.
Its industrial image has long given way to a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere, especially in the cities of Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg and Oberhausen.
Here you can find lively shopping areas, lavish, elegant shopping malls, as well as selections of special shops.

The pleasures of shopping in a covered center are front and center on the Rhine and Ruhr.
For example, Limbecker Platz, Germany’s largest inner-city shopping center, is located right in Essen’s city center.

Similarly, the CentrO in Oberhausen, Europe’s largest shopping and leisure center, has a superb selection ready for you.
Here it would be worth the effort to explore neighboring Mülheim an der Ruhr, where the Rhein-Ruhr Zentrum enjoys great popularity far beyond its city limits.

But the comparatively small districts of individual cities should not escape notice.
For example, Essen-Rüttenscheid has been transformed into a lively city district, where many owner-operated shops continue to hold their own and where the character of individual shopping has fortunately not been lost.

For example, there are many curious shops on Rüttenscheider Stra­ße, or Rü for short.
One of them, Dogs & Cats, offers an abundance of fine accessories for a truly luxurious life of our dear four-legged friends.

And hip boutiques such as Hanim don’t always focus on just designer labels.
Bochum’s preferred shopping and strolling mile is clearly Kortumstraße.
It awaits shoppers with everything that their hearts could conceivably desire.

The Dortmund city center can easily keep up with it.
About 9,000 visitors per hour visit Westhellenweg alone, according to the city.

It has everything from department stores to small, fine designer shops.
An attractive variety of stores, especially on Königstraße and Sonnenwall, lures shoppers.

And last but not least, Oberhausen – including areas beyond CentrO – has visibly developed into a shopping location in recent years.
Decisions aren’t easy in light of this wide variety.

But those preferring not to settle on just one city can pick and choose their personal favorites without much regard to city boundaries thanks to the convenient transportation connections.


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