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English - it’s child’s play!

While many adults can learn a new language only with a great deal of effort, it’s literally child’s play for babies and young children.
Play is exactly what’s stressed in the tried-and-tested method developed in 1985 by English linguist Helen Doron to help non-native English speaking children to learn English.

On offer are age-based courses for the very young starting from the age of three months up to 14-year-old children.

Training takes place according to the effective mother tongue learning method in small groups of four to eight children.
Even very youngest “students” react to hearing English after only a few weeks.

Baby’s Best Start, an interactive English course for babies and small children aged three to 18 months, introduces English through music, songs and rhymes.
It also gives parents an opportunity to spend some relaxing time with their children.

This successful Early English program was a trendsetter.
Today about 25,000 children in Germany alone attend classes in more than 130 Learning Centres or learn with freelance teachers who have been trained according to the Helen Doron method – and the numbers are increasing.



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