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Before moving to another city, a lot of things has to be organized and prepared. Often one underestimates the effort and time that such an undertaking takes. To make sure that no one loses track of what is going on, we would like to give you some help here in chronological order with the most important things to consider before and during the move. 


1. Long before the move ...

• Set a date for the move, apply for vacation
• Take care of removal helpers and craftsmen
• Obtain offers from relocation agencies to facilitate the move
• Make a plan for the apartment, get new furniture if necessary, make a list of all items to be moved
• Measure transport routes (lift, staircase etc.)
• Sort out old furniture and clarifying the disposal date with the city administration
• Cancel the old rental agreement
• Getting a new kindergarten/school place
• Submit mail forwarding request
• Reregister your telephone, clarify GEZ (billing center)/cable TV
• Inform acquaintances, business partners and authorities about the change of address and cancel or reorder any magazine subscriptions
• Take care of insurance (liability, household contents, accident and others)

2. If the date is fixed, you should ...

• Rent a truck or search for a suitable moving company
• Adjust curtains, carpets etc.
• Clarify with the landlord the heating bill, reading date for the meter readings and the apartment handover date
• Open a bank account at your future residence
• Make an appointment with the carpet cleaning company
• Apply for a special permit for parking lot cordoning for both new and old streets
• Consume food supplies, do not pack essentials
• Book babysitter and pet sitter
• Complete the medicine chest and toolbox
• Get moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing blankets, start packing
• Have agreed dates confirmed again
• Inform neighbors

3. Immediately before the move it says ...

• Withdraw cash
• Defrost refrigerator
• Bringing pets to the pension and children to the babysitter
• Re-register private vehicles
• Re-register your residence at the residents' registration office
• Reserve a parking space in front of the house
• Getting food
• Packing cases for personal documents and needs
• Covering floors
• Get keys for elevators, entrances etc.
• Get a rental car

4. On day X ...

• Pack the rest and remove name tags
• Check the staircase for previous damage, then check whether damage has been caused by moving, clean the staircase, the same for the new apartment
• Inspection of the apartment with the landlord and handover protocol
• Instruct removal helper, tip later
• In the new apartment: cover the floors, hang furniture plans on the rooms, install lighting, first assemble the furniture, then unpack the boxes


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