Phorms School Frankfurt – one school, two locations

Phorms Frankfurt City 200Phorms Campus Frankfurt City

"Urban, and close to nature" – this is perhaps the best way to describe the state-approved bilingual Phorms School Frankfurt with its two locations. The City Campus Primary School (with Reception) is located in a charming heritage building in the heart of the city, just around the corner from the Holzhausenpark. The Taunus Campus is nestled amongst the fields of Steinbach, right next to the forest. Here you will find our Kita, the Primary School (with Reception) and Secondary School.

Childcare in Frankfurt

GZW_2_kid_malen_dreamstime_4591205© Vstock | Dreamstime.comNew teachers, new schoolmates, new friends – when parents move, changing schools or kindergartens is on the timetable for their children.
Having realized this, parents have one more reason to be happy about the choice of their new home.
Frankfurt has a wide variety of child-minding and education possibilities for boys and girls of every age.

There are about 700 day care centers operated by the city and privately with space for more than 37,500 children of various age groups. Another 3,000 places for children aged under 3 are planned by 2016. The city´s education department publishes a directory that lists all the day care facilities and available places in different districts.

Since August 2006, the city has offered free day care for children whose main place of residence is Frankfurt and are in the year before starting school. These free places are available in city-run facilities as well as private centers that have joined the scheme. In 2009, subsidies to parents for nursery school places were reduced significantly.

International schools in Frankfurt

schule2Frankfurt´s schools are extending the numbers of lessons taught in languages other than German.
A quarter of the city´s residents are foreigners from 180 countries, so naturally there´s a great need for internationally oriented facilities with native-language or bilingual teaching.
There are already several primary and secondary schools that offer bilingual lessons in different combinations such as German/Italian, German/Greek, German/French and German/English.

The Goethe Grammar School has lessons in German and English and is Germany´s only state school where students can graduate with an International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as the German Abitur school leaving certificate.

The choice of foreign language lessons at municipal schools is supplemented by a large number of private schools in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, such as the Frankfurt International School (FIS), which is one of Europe’s largest and oldest international schools with almost 1,800 students from more than 50 countries.

In recent years high quality private schools with multilingual lessons have opened, such as the Metropolitan School Frankfurt.