Further education opportunities

bildung_biliothek_dt_1362266After you’ve moved to Munich and adapted to your new geographical environment, the next step is to broaden your mind. The sky’s the limit: In Munich you can study almost anything.

There are lots of academies and education centers offering a vast selection of opportunities to upgrade yourself. Most people in Munich go to the Volkshochschule (VHS) to stimulate their brain cells. This state-run college of further education offers around 14,000 courses and events. It has 250,000 students and is the largest public educational institute in Europe.

The VHS headquarters are in the Gasteig cultural and education center at Kellerstrasse 6, near Rosenheimer Platz. However, courses are decentralized and take place at 32 VHS schools and  95 Munich city schools. The crush for places on courses, which begin in March and September, is pretty intense. Course brochures cost € 3 and are available at all VHS registration offices, the town hall, the city libraries, bookshops and kiosks.

Addresses for further education in Munich

Adult education

Jüdische Volkshochschule
›› Altstadt, St.-Jakobs-Platz 18, Tel. 20 24 00-491, -472, www.ikg-muenchen.de

Münchner Volkshochschule
More than 14,000 courses per year, March and September start dates.
›› Haidhausen, Gasteig, Kellerstr. 6, Eingang Rosenheimer Str. 5, Tel. 4 80 06-0, -62 20, www.mvhs.de

MVHS-district offices
›› North: Milbertshofen, Troppauer Str. 10, Tel. 3 18 11 53 18
›› East: Obergiesing, Werinherstr. 33, Tel. 62 08 20 -0
›› South: Sendling, Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 8, Tel. 74 74 85 20
›› West: Pasing, Bäckerstr. 14, Tel. 83 53 53

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Counseling centers

Bildungszentrum München & Akademien des Handwerks
Trade college with technology and design academies. External training for trade apprentices, further education for everyone, study courses with state-recognized exams, company training, workshops presenting current topics.
›› Berg am Laim, Mühldorfstr. 6
›› Bildungszentrum Tel. 45 09 81-700
›› Akademie für Gestaltung, Tel. 45 09 81-620
›› www.btz-muenchen.de

Evangelisches Bildungswerk
Continuing education and training for those wishing to acquire knowledge in other fields or to supplement their professional qualifications with computer or Internet courses. From dancing to creative writing to orchestral rehearsals; here, you can find a broad number of courses offered to the young and old, to men and women.
›› Altstadt, Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24, Tel. 55 25 80-0, Mon, Tue, Wed 9 am-2 pm, Thu 12 pm-4 pm, Fri 9 am-12 pm, www.ebw-muenchen.de

Frauenakademie München
Seminars supporting women who work.
›› Isarvorstadt, Baaderstr. 3, Tel. 72 11 881, www.frauenakademie.de

Münchner Bildungswerk
Catholic adult education institute since 1972, courses and seminars on religion, philosophy, cultural, social and environmental issues.
›› Maxvorstadt, ­Dachauer Str. 5/II, Tel. 5 45 80 50, www.muenchner-bildungswerk.de

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2nd education

Städtische Franz-Auweck-Abendschule
Evening school for obtaining the high school diploma in two years. Also free evening intermediate school; graduation after 1-3 years, according to academic level.
›› Nymphenburg, Kapschstr. 4, Tel. 18 97 59 50, www.fas.musin.de

Städtisches Abendgymnasium
Four-year free evening academic high (grammar) secondary school for working persons, with child care.
›› Obergiesing, Schlierseestr. 47, Tel. 23 34 37 35, www.ag.musin.de

Städtisches Münchenkolleg
No-fee academic high (grammar school) stressing modern languages (day classes) for adults, leading to a high school diploma in four years. For applicants with a high school diploma, the time is shortened to 3 years.
›› Obergiesing, Schlierseestr. 47, Tel. 23 34 37 00, www.mk.musin.de

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Economy & politics

Akademie Handel
Education for employers and employees working in trade and service sectors.
›› Maxvorstadt, Brienner Str. 47, Tel. 55 14 50, www.akademie-handel.de

Business academy for media, events and culture. Courses include Music Business Manager, media business and cultural management. Practically oriented courses & supervision by experienced specialists; Chamber of Commerce diplomas also available.
›› Sendling, Engelhardstr. 6, Tel. 54 88 47 91, www.ebam.de

Europäische Akademie Bayern
Politically neutral educational institution for young people and adults.
›› Maxvorstadt, Hirtenstr. 16, Tel. 54 91 41-0, www.europaeische-akademie.de

IHK-Akademie München. Westerham
Management training and over 300 specialist seminars, professional training, in-house-, off site, online training.
›› Haidhausen, Orleansstr. 10-12, Tel. 5 11 65 62
›› 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham, Von-Andrian-Str. 5, Tel. 0 80 63/9 12 61
›› www.akademie.ihk-muenchen.de

Macromedia Akademie
Vocational college for Media Designers and for Marketing & Events. Three-year training for participants culminating with an intermediate school leaving certificate, a certificate of aptitude for specialized higher education or a high-school diploma.
›› Laim, Elsenheimerstr. 63, Tel. 96 16 08 00, www.macromedia-ausbildung.de

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Deutsche Pop
Practical training for professions in the fields of music, management, sound, film, design or communication. Courses in such fields as song writing, film composition, music assistance, tone technology, sound design or radio editorial procedures.
›› Isarvorstadt, Adlzreiterstr. 18A, Tel. 72 94 96 90
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 67, Tel. 20 20 54 70
›› www.deutsche-pop.de

Esmod München
International fashion school with an elite reputation. Three-year full-time training to become a stylist or modelist. In Munich for over 20 years.
›› Isarvorstadt, Fraunhofer Str. 23h, Tel. 2 01 45 25, www.esmod.de

Freies Musikzentrum München
More than 500 courses per semester for young and old, beginners and advanced in the areas of song, dance, instruments and music therapy.
›› Haidhausen, Ismaningerstr. 29, Tel. 4 14 24 70, www.freies-musikzentrum.de

Städtische Sing- und Musikschule
With about 9,000 students, one of the oldest and largest music schools in Germany. On offer are, for example, a musical kindergarten, training in 30 different musical instruments as well as various ensembles and orchestras. Classes at 124 locations within the city.
›› Altstadt, Blumenstr. 28a, Tel. 23 32 68 21, www.muenchen.de/musikschule

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Other facilities

bbw - Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft
Extensive further education program for nearly all important branches and hierarchical steps. Also vocational preparation courses, further education for university graduates, retraining, computer courses.
›› Schwabing-West, Infanteriestr. 8, Tel. 44 10 82 00, www.bbw.de

Heimer Akademie
Further education in the fields of occupational therapy and care for the handicapped, speech therapy, physical therapy, care and podiatry, plus trading and IT events.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Bayerstr. 73, Tel. 54 59 47 86, www.heimerer-akademie.de

PC College
Institute for IT training with over 500 standard seminars from basic PC knowledge and Microsoft Office and Adobe applications up to data banks, graphics and programming, but also rhetoric and te­lephone training. Individualized teaching, workshops, company training or open seminars.
›› Sendling, Hansastr. 32, Tel. 0 800/5 777 333, www.pc-college.de

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