Bilingual, digital and modern learning environment

The bilingual, German-English Phorms-School in Frankfurt-City and Steinbach/Taunus offers children and young people a seamless educational journey from nursery to Abitur. In the bilingual Phorms school, nursery, primary school and secondary school are combined under one roof. The Phorms concept not only offers families from Germany and abroad immersive language learning, but also focuses on teaching the content of science subjects in a digital and modern learning environment. Individual support is already lived in primary school. At both locations, 24 children learn with one teacher, additionally supported by an assistant in the main subjects. Team teaching and teaching in bright and well-equipped classrooms creates the best conditions for learning.

Fit for the international world - learning today for tomorrow

According to this motto, the Phorms educational programme is fully attuned to the demands of the 21st century. As an internationally oriented school, Phorms educates its students bilingually in German and English and optimally prepares them for an international future. This includes the so-called STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which form one of the focal points in the lessons and afternoon programme: Students can expand their scientific vocabulary in both languages and develop their skills in STEM fields, as well as learn and conduct research in well-equipped labs.

If you want to learn well, you also need to feel comfortable

Time to learn and play is never neglected at Phorms. At our whole-day schools, the school day is supplemented by an extensive afternoon and holiday care programme. Exciting activities and interesting clubs take place here. The Phorms school sees itself not only as a learning space but also as a living space.

Phorms is a school for all

The income-based parental contributions allow children and young people from nursery to secondary school access to the Phorms educational programme.

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