Palast der Republik

Rebuilding history
It will be back to the future when the Palast der Republik (palace of the republic), which was built in 1976 as the home of the German Democratic Republic parliament, is replaced by a rebuilt Renaissance palace. The palace was damaged by bombing in the Second World War and is now being reconstructed. The Stadtschloss (city palace) will open in 2019.

The rebuilding of Berlin City Palace, which starts in the autumn of 2010, will give back to the city center a piece of its history. The 16th century former Renaissance royal residence was badly damaged in the Second World War and in 1976 the Palace of the Republic, home of the East German Parliament, opened on the site. The Palace of the Republic was one of the worst buildings in Germany for asbestos contamination, so it was never going to last for ever. It was razed to the ground at the end of 2008 to make way for the € 550 million City Palace rebuilding project, which is led by the Italian architect Franco Stella.

The City Palace’s exterior will be restored to its former glory with Baroque facades and the famous Schlüterhof. On the eastern Spree side, the new palace will have a modern front. The interior also will be modern, housing the Humboldt Forum, which is planned to be a dynamic center for world culture where art, culture and science will be highlighted in honor of the 19th century Prussian Humboldt brothers by the project’s three partners – the state museums, Berlin Central and Regional Library and the Humboldt University. The forum will focus on the world outside Europe, providing a counterpoint to the museums on the northern half and the Museum Island that are devoted to traditional Europe culture. The construction work should be completed in 2019 and than there´s nothing getting in the way of your trip to the past!